RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A high-speed chase, a kidnapped woman, and a crash off of a major highway in Wake County. 

36-year-old Joshua Stokes faced a Wake County judge Monday afternoon, accused of multiple crimes in his home state and in North Carolina. 

In Wake County, he is charged with five crimes, including kidnapping, felonious restraint and driving while impaired. 

A bent and disfigured guardrail is the only sign of what happened Sunday afternoon at the Lizard Lick Road exit off of US 64. 

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troopers told CBS 17 that is where Stokes crashed his car after a high-speed chase, with a kidnapped woman in his purple Dodge Challenger.

“Subject out of Martin County traveling in excess of 150 miles per hour on 64,” police radio traffic indicated.

Chesapeake, Virginia, Police investigators told CBS 17 they received a 911 call from 39-year-old Heather Oliver on Sunday, just after 1:30 p.m. 

They said Oliver told them she was being held against her will, in a car. 

Investigators tracked her location with phone pings, and alerted local law enforcement Oliver had crossed into North Carolina and was in danger.

Officers also issued an Ashanti Alert for Oliver, which is a communications network notification for missing adults between 18-64 years old. 

“Be advised, he’s extremely armed and dangerous, there’s a previous assault on law enforcement,” radio traffic said. 

North Carolina state troopers tried to stop Stokes around 4:12 p.m. on U.S. 64 near Mile Marker 466.

Radio traffic indicated they were prepared to use the PIT maneuver and stop sticks.

Stokes ended up crashing into the guardrail, injuring both himself and Oliver.

They were both taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

On Monday afternoon, Stokes walked into a Wake County courtroom. 

Between charges in Wake County and pending charges in Currituck County, he has a $320,000 bond. 

Once everything wraps up in North Carolina, he will be extradited back to Virginia, for additional charges.

CBS 17 dug into Stokes’ past and found several previous charges including assault on a law enforcement officer and a DUI, where he was accused of driving over 100 miles per hour. 

Stokes is next due in Wake County Court on Dec. 1. 

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