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It was November 9th, 1923, and a brisk day in the small island village of Rodanthe, ranging somewhere between 40 and 50 degrees.

But no amount of chill in the air could cool down the ever-warming hearts of Mrs. Ersie and Mr. Theodore Midgett, which were actively bubbling over with joy as their second of four children, Anderson Midgett, had been born.

Filled with charisma, business-smarts, and plenty of ambition, Anderson was born with nothing if not a life of purpose.

Beginning as a young boy, he and his two brothers, Stocky and Harold, inherited their father’s dream of the Manteo-Hatteras Bus Line, which they successfully ran for the 35 years prior to any major infrastructure on Hatteras Island.

While he and his brother, Stocky, shared a passion for introducing the world to Hatteras Island, they partnered in several business ventures including the start of our personal favorite, Midgett Realty!

But Anderson stood tall in a variety of personal accomplishments as well, including his service as the first Fire Chief of Hatteras Village, dedicating his time as a founding member of the Outer Banks Association of Realtors as well as the Hatteras Village Medical Center, and fathering five daughters with his wife, Kathryn.

A century later, we are celebrating what would have been Anderson’s 100th birthday. As co-founder of Midgett Realty, we are thankful for his vision for the seashore and his willingness to follow his dreams to fruition so that we can continue to share this lovely little place we call “home” with you, our valued guests.

With 500/+ properties in our portfolio, more than 60 years in the business, and guests frequenting from all over the world, we couldn’t be more proud to carry on his legacy as the local company on Hatteras Island. Locally grown, locally owned, internationally known.

Happy Birthday, Anderson!

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