Erin Del Monte, Instructional Lead, receives a $1,000 check from NCBBA Director Mike Regan

The North Carolina Beach Buggy (NCBBA) recently made a $1,000 donation to support the Cape Hatteras Secondary School (CHSS) Middle School Student Incentive Program.

The CHSS Middle School student incentive program was started to help increase student engagement and enhance academic performance for all students.

By providing students with positive reinforcement with Student Incentive Trips, Student of the Month, “CANE CASH” and Attendance Wars, which focus on behavior, academics, and attendance, students show increased effort and motivation to learn, which will in turn improve overall classroom instructions.

Student incentive programs have a positive impact on classroom engagement by motivating students to become more actively engaged in their learning. When students are positively and extrinsically motivated in the school setting, it creates a conducive environment for improved classroom engagement and performance.

NCBBA looks forward to continual support of local youth in both academic and sport programs.


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