Photo by Outer Banks SPCA

The Outer Banks SPCA has launched a Valentine’s Day fundraiser that allows donors to symbolically let go of their exes and foes in an unusual – and appropriate – way.

“Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or flying solo, here’s a little reminder to let go of any lingering feelings [for] your ex,” stated the Outer Banks SPCA in an emailed announcement about the Valentine-themed initiative. “For a $5 donation, we will put your ex’s name (or anyone else – boss, ex-friend, sports team) in a cat little box, and let them do the dirty work!”

The heart-shaped first names will help line the litter boxes at the shelter, and the Outer Banks SPCA will post pictures of recent “honorees” on social media.

Folks can donate and submit a name online, or can come to the Dare County Animal Shelter and write the name themselves for an extra-cleansing way to let go of a crappy ex.

For more information on the promotion and other happenings at the Outer Banks SPCA, visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

To view adoptable cats and dogs, or learn more about the Outer Banks SPCA, visit their website. 

Photo by Outer Banks SPCA
Photo by Outer Banks SPCA

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