An amended rule goes into effect today that pertains to the classification of shellfish waters near marinas.


Amendments to 15A NCAC 18A .0911, Marinas, Docking Facilities, and Other Mooring Areas, modify requirements to allow the Division of Marine Fisheries to determine necessary buffer closures for shellfish growing waters in and around these areas based on a dilution analysis, which is a more scientific and public health-based rationale than the previous slip count method.

The changes help ensure that North Carolina remains in full compliance with national requirements so that North Carolina shellfish can continue to be sold through interstate commerce. The changes also make implementation and enforceability of requirements clearer.


The rule was amended and readopted under the state-mandated periodic review schedule. The Marine Fisheries Commission gave final approval in February.


Text of the new rule is available in the June 1, 2023 Supplement to North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission Rules April 1, 2020 at



For more information, contact Catherine Blum, Rules Coordinator for the Division of Marine Fisheries, at

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