At its July 6, 2021, Town Council meeting, town staff was given the discretion to take additional traffic mitigation measures by implementing specific closures along East Dogwood Trail. This weekend, Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11, we will physically barricade the median along East Dogwood Trl. at Hillcrest Dr., Sea Oats Trl., and Wax Myrtle Trl., thus eliminating the ability to turn left for northbound traffic. As we are testing these closures at this time, the barriers will be put in place with post and chain with barricades placed in the middle of the road or median. In the event we determine that negative impacts warrant their removal, we will be able to do so on either day. An additional closure in being considered for East Dogwood Trl. at Hickory Trl. at a later date.

Our goal is to take away any advantage for those using South Dogwood Trl. and East Dogwood Trl. as short cuts to points north. If you have any questions or would like to share your observations of the impacts of this change, please email us at

 Thank you.

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