A sampling of microplastics. Photo: NOAA

The average person ingests 100,000 pieces of microplastic each year, according to the North Carolina Coastal Federation. That number is double if they only drink bottle water.

The federation is hosting the North Carolina Coastal Microplastics Forum 9 a.m. to noon July 15, for attendees to learn more about microplastics and whey they’re are a problem, both for human health and the environment. Register for the virtual forum hosted by the North Carolina Coastal Federation on Zoom.

Attendees can learn about the different types of microplastics pollution, the sources and pathways of these contaminants into waterways, the risks they pose to both the natural environment and human health, as well as current federal and state policies aimed to govern microplastics pollution and how to help.

Contact Ana Zivanovic-Nenadovic, assistant director of policy for the federation at 252-393-8185 or anaz@nccoast.org.

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