At their April 13 meeting, the Town Council passed an ordinance establishing two Municipal Service Districts for the purpose of generating the required revenue to pay for the 2022 Beach Nourishment Project.  In order for the ordinance to be finally adopted, a second vote must be taken and passed.  The second vote will be held at the May 4, 2021 Town Council Meeting.


District 1–  

All properties that abut the ocean beach of the Atlantic Ocean having an eastern boundary greater than or equal to 25 feet, beginning at the southern town limit and extending to the northern town limit.











District 2–  

  1. All properties in District 1; and


  1. All properties located east of Ocean Blvd/NC 12 and Duck Road/NC12 beginning at the southern town limit extending north to the northern town line; and


  • All properties located west of and abutting Ocean Blvd/NC 12. beginning at the southern town line extending north to 137 Ocean Blvd, and abutting Duck Road/NC 12 beginning at 139 Duck Road extending north to 149 Duck Road.









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