Redskins and Braves mascots at Manteo High and Manteo Middle schools will remain.

Dare County’s Board of Education voted unanimously to retain the mascot names toward the end of the board’s regular board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

In September, the board heard a presentation from advocates for a mascot change. At this meeting, in a video presentation at least 20 people supported keeping the presentation.

“Educate not eradicate” said the opening speaker.

Carol Meekins, a 1956 alumna, gave a brief history of Chief Manteo. She pinned 1937 as the time “Redskins” was adopted as a tribute to the tribe. “It’s more than a name. It’s a deep-rooted connection to a place we call home. We are all redskins.”

Speakers included today’s students as well as alumni from 1968, the 1970s, 1980s, 2003 and 2012.

Board Chair Bea Basnight started the discussion with a personal statement. She said both presentations were “excellent.” But, she stated that the students had lost so much, such last year’s prom and graduation.

She expressed the desire to table the name change “at this time.” Board member David Twiddy agreed.

Board member Harvey Hess argued to keep the traditional name, honoring Native American heritage.

Basnight again argued for tabling the issue.

Board member Joe Tauber said the name was “to honor the heritage and history of the community.” He said he was not inclined to change mascots.

Hess formally moved to “endorse the retention of the names” of the mascots at Manteo High and Middle schools. Tauber seconded.

In discussion, board member Frank Hester supported tabling. He argued that to do the issue justice, the board needed to come back to the issue at another time.

A voice vote was taken. No member cast a negative vote.

To view the presentation made to the board, click here.



Mascot name change presentation brought to Dare Board of Education

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